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BioRePeel is an innovative, two-phase, medical-grade chemical peel that offers a deep exfoliation and rejuvenation of the skin without causing the downtime typically associated with traditional peels. At ENHANCED Medical Spa in Eagle, ID, we want to provide our clients with treatments that they can fit into their daily schedule. This peel is perfect for those who cannot afford the downtime associated with a typical chemical peel, but still desire to minimize signs of aging, reduce blemishes, and improve skin texture and tone - altogether providing a refreshed and revitalized appearance!

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How does it work?

Due to BioRePeel's biphasic properties, the peel is capable of penetrating deep (in order to work from the inside-out) without having to chew at the superficial layer of the skin (like traditional chemical peels). This allows you to experience all the benefits of a 30% TCA peel without the associated skin-shedding. BioRePeel uses a combination of active ingredients including Trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid, and additional exfoliants and bio-stimulants (such as vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants). These ingredients work together to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and stimulate the skin’s natural regeneration process. Through the stimulation of natural collagen and elastin production, this peel improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Is there discomfort?

The treatment is typically pain-free, with some mild tingling or warmth being the most common sensation during the application.

Is there down time?

This is a “no peel" chemical peel; therefore, there is no downtime post treatment. Mild dryness in sensitive areas where the peel is applied is possible.

Duration & Frequency?

Ideally, this peel is performed in a series of 3-4 treatments (typically spaced approximately 7-10 days) tailored to your goals and skin conditions.

What other treatments does it work well with?

This treatment can be added to just about any treatment offered at ENHANCED, the premier med spa in the Boise area. We love to combine this treatment with dermaplaning and microneedling for added penetration and benefits!

What Clients Say

We love our clients, and they love us.

Alexandria is exceptionally knowledgeable in her field. She’s the one to go to for education on all new advances in wellness. She listened to my concerns and shared the best form of action to give me the results I was looking for. With care instructions and a 2-week follow-up to perfect my results. Highly recommend this office! Super personable and caring.

Stephanie Mattero


B-12 injections, Microneedling, Dysport treatment

Alexandria is amazing!! She did my Dysport recently and I love it! She was so patient and really took the time to explain everything.  Anytime I have questions she responds so quickly. She is the best!

Jamie Kyne



Love Alexandria and Enhanced! She has great and is very thorough and knowledgeable.
I’ve get compliments all the time - my skin has never looked better!

Elisabeth Johnson


Sculptra treatments, B-12 injections, Lip fillers, Body contouring, Microneedling, Chemical peels, BOTOX treatments, Dermaplaning, Dysport treatment

Absolutely the best! Alexandria is the only person I will trust with my face. Here clinic and machines/techniques are top tier. I had microneedling with radio frequency. My skin is renewed. I look fresh and ready to take on life.
Had my first tox treatment with Alexandria a few weeks ago and she is phenomenal. As someone who’s been in the med aesthetic business for a very long time, I know a gold injector when I find one and Alex is golden! Her knowledge, professionalism and work is top notch. Highly recommend her for all you aesthetic needs!!

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